Case Study


Zeus Group

JJ O'Toole's Seamless Migration to Shopblocks


The challenge

JJ O'Toole (part of Zeus Packaging Group) faced significant challenges with their previous platform.

"Basic changes were difficult to implement"

The system's limitations hampered their ability to expand brands and display dynamic content such as videos. Sales had stagnated, and the platform's inability to support parent/child product hierarchies (variants) and advanced pricing and filtering options created operational inefficiencies. Basic changes were difficult to implement, necessitating a more flexible and scalable solution to meet their growing needs.


The solution

The Solution Shopblocks provided a comprehensive solution tailored to JJ O'Toole's unique requirements.

The key components of the implementation included:

Integration with Kernel ERP System

Shopblocks integrated seamlessly with JJ O'Toole's Kernel ERP system, enabling automatic updates of product, stock, and prices. This automation facilitated effortless scaling and streamlined operations.

Enhanced Self-Service with BlockLab

The introduction of BlockLab empowered JJ O'Toole to self-manage and elevate their marketing efforts. This tool provided a superior user experience (UX) for customers, making it easier to navigate the website and find desired products quickly.

Dual-Focused Website Design

The new website was designed to cater to both B2B and B2C customers. Phase 2 of the project will introduce additional B2B functionalities, including customer-specific pricing and on-account payments with credit limits.

"Switching to Shopblocks has been a game-changer for us. The flexibility and automation capabilities have streamlined our operations and boosted our sales significantly."

Padraic Hennessy - Head of Design at JJ O'Toole


The results / impact

Since the migration to Shopblocks, JJ O'Toole has witnessed significant improvements across multiple metrics:

The new JJ O'Toole site went live within 68 days, exceeding all expectations for rapid deployment and efficiency.



This case study showcases how Shopblocks' innovative solutions can transform businesses facing complex digital commerce challenges.

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JJ O'Toole's success story highlights our commitment to providing scalable, efficient, and user-friendly platforms that drive growth and operational excellence. Partner with Shopblocks to elevate your digital commerce capabilities and achieve unparalleled success.

"We now have a robust platform that grows with us and meets the dynamic needs of our business. The speed, support and consultative approach from the Shopblocks team have been exceptional, making this transition  smooth and hassle free."

Padraic Hennessy - Head of Design at JJ O'Toole


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