B2B portals:
Unlocking new horizons in digital commerce

We specialise in developing multifunctional B2B portals tailored to your business needs and requirements.

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B2B portals:
Unlocking new horizons in digital commerce

We specialise in developing multifunctional B2B portals tailored to your business needs and requirements.

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Bringing business partners together

A B2B portal is a crucial online platform for interactions with your partners, vendors, and clients. With decades of experience in web app development, Shopblocks delivers bespoke B2B portal solutions that facilitate commercial relationships, help vendors or distributors find customers, and enable effective self-service.

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Types of B2B portals

Trade Portals

Platforms facilitating trade transactions between buyers and sellers in various industries.

B2B Websites

Comprehensive websites offering a range of B2B services, products, information, and resources.

Customer Portals

Dedicated spaces where customers can access their accounts, orders, and support resources.

Self-Service Portals

Platforms enabling customers to manage their accounts and services independently, for a better user experience.

Supplier Portals

Interfaces for suppliers to manage orders, inventory, and communications with businesses.

Information Portals

Hubs providing essential business information, resources, updates, and knowledge sharing.

Partner Portals

Secure portals for business partners to collaborate and access shared resources.


Portals that support affiliate marketing programs, connecting businesses with affiliates.


Platforms that compile data and offerings from various suppliers for easy comparison.

Project Management

Tools for managing and collaborating on projects with multiple stakeholders.


Online spaces where multiple vendors can sell their products to businesses.

Client Service

Dedicated platforms for providing and managing client services and support.

Multi-Party Collaboration

Environments facilitating collaboration among multiple business parties.


Online communities where businesses and professionals can connect and share knowledge.


Trade Portals

Platforms facilitating trade transactions between buyers and sellers in various industries.

Customer Portals

Dedicated spaces where customers can access their accounts, orders, and support resources.

Supplier Portals

Interfaces for suppliers to manage orders, inventory, and communications with businesses.

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Shopblocks B2B portal solutions

Trade Portals and B2B Marketplaces are the perfect tools for ecommerce businesses to build their online presence, attract new customers and partners, and manage product catalogues, order statuses, and transactions efficiently.


Our B2B web portal development services

Platform-Based B2B portals

We work with best-in-class portal technologies, implementing them into your business infrastructure and performing all necessary customisations.


We refurbish your existing B2B portals to meet new business requirements, re-architecting, and refactoring source code, and implementing new capabilities.

Custom B2B portals

As a custom software development provider, we build proprietary B2B portals from the ground up, ensuring seamless integration into your corporate environment.


We transition your portal from a restricting legacy environment to a higher capacity platform, ensuring smooth data migration and integration with other corporate software.


Key B2B
portal features

Our B2B portal development team equips your web solution with essential and advanced features for a powerful business-to-business experience:


Corporate accounts

Flexible account hierarchy, role-based permissions, and customisable user roles.

Enterprise content management

Securely exchange commercial logistics and tax documentation with robust content management features.

Customer support & self-service

Comprehensive support options including knowledge bases, ticketing systems, and live chats.

Real-Time communication

Instant chats, voice and video messaging, and video conferencing to enhance interactions.

Intelligent automation

Utilise machine learning and RPA for streamlined backend operations.


B2B portal benefits

Portals act as a robust engagement tool, bringing multiple benefits for business owners, partners, vendors, and customers.

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For business owners:

  • Scalability

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Cost savings

  • Increased brand awareness

  • More customers and leads

  • Cost-effective marketing

  • Competitive advantage

  • Advanced analytics

For partners, vendors, and customers:

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Community help

  • Better communication

  • Data safety

  • Mobile friendliness

  • Seamless self-service

  • Increased responsiveness

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B2B integrations

We ensure our B2B portals integrate seamlessly with various enterprise systems.

Ecommerce platform

Simplifies ordering processes for customers.


Streamlines order management and increases real-time visibility.


Ensures users have up-to-date product information.


Provides a 360-degree view of user behaviour and purchase history.

In-Depth analytics

Enables performance monitoring and trend analysis.

Marketing automation

Create custom user flows and nurture journeys.


B2B portal development process



Outlining requirements with business analysts and project managers.



Front-end and back-end coding and system integration.



Post-release testing and corporate training.



Hands-on prototyping, UI/UX design with our tech team and designers.


Acceptance testing

Comprehensive testing through automation tools.


Maintenance and support

Performance monitoring and software upgrades.


Tech Stack integration

We utilise the best-in-class technologies and platforms, ensuring seamless integration with your business objectives.

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Customer-centric portal design

Customer experience
Implemented with CMS platforms like Shopblocks, WordPress, Drupal, and headless CMS.

Customer engagement
Custom development for contact forms, ecommerce modules, and CRM integration.

Customer support
Self-service layer with integrations like Zendesk and CRM systems.

Customer satisfaction and behaviour
Feedback and behaviour analytics with Google Analytics and social tracking.

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Expand questions to discover the answers.


Expand questions to discover the answers.

A B2B portal is a digital platform that facilitates business-to-business transactions and interactions, providing tools and resources tailored to the needs of companies.

Trade portals streamline transactions between buyers and sellers, enhancing efficiency and expanding market reach.

B2B portal development creates a digital space for effective interactions between your business and partners, vendors, and buyers, tailored to your business requirements.

Yes, we implement industry-specific features to fully accommodate your business needs.

Yes, we can optimise your B2B portal for mobile devices or develop a separate mobile app.

Absolutely, our B2B portals are designed to be scalable, handling increased traffic and functionality extensions.

We follow cybersecurity best practices to protect business and user data.

Look for features like account management, order tracking, and support resources to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Supplier portals provide a centralised interface for managing orders, inventory, and supplier communications, reducing manual processes and errors.

A B2B website offers services and products directly to businesses, while a marketplace hosts multiple vendors selling to businesses.

Self-service portals empower customers to manage their accounts and services independently, reducing the need for direct support and enhancing user experience.

Information portals provide essential resources, updates, and data, helping businesses stay informed and make better decisions.

Partner portals facilitate secure collaboration and resource sharing with business partners, improving coordination and partnership outcomes.

Yes, aggregators compile offerings from various suppliers, making it easier to compare products, prices, and services.

Marketplaces provide a broad platform for vendors to reach more buyers, while offering buyers a wide range of products and competitive prices.

Project management portals enhance collaboration, task management, and project tracking, ensuring efficient project execution.

Client service portals provide a dedicated platform for managing and delivering high-quality client support and services.

These portals facilitate coordination and communication among multiple business stakeholders, improving teamwork and project outcomes.

Business communities foster networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among industry professionals, driving innovation and growth.


We pledge to continuously break new ground

Ensuring our customers not only keep pace, but lead the B2B digital commerce revolution

"We are very happy with the results and the feedback we have received from our B2B customers. Shopblocks have helped us create a user-friendly and professional
website that showcases our products and services."

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