From today, all Shopblocks websites have been upgraded to our brand new search technology, powered by Elastic Search.

Also used by Uber, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and a number of other high-profile websites that rely heavily on lightning-fast search results, Elastic Search is now a key part of the Shopblocks platform.

Powering search across our platform (in both the admin system and front-end shops) Elastic Search brings a number of benefits:


  • Faster – over 200% improvement on our previous technology
  • Smarter – mis-spellings and natural language processing are built in to provide the best possible user experience
  • Better Filtering – we can now instantly show the number of results to users before they click a filter
  • More Control – our developers now have more control, enabling them to continue improving our search services to deliver fast and relevant results


With this update, Shopblocks is delivering enterprise-class search technology to all customers. The Shopblocks development team have been working on this update for some time and it is great to finally see this groundbreaking technology in the hands of our users.



4 Aug 2016

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