Trust is key when it comes to improving the online checkout experience. Getting shoppers to add items to their basket is just the first step; it’s crucial to provide them with the ease and security that they need to feel comfortable enough to go ahead and purchase.

Three things are hugely important to your customer.

  1. Can they make their purchase quickly and easily?
  2. Will their information be handled securely?
  3. Will they get what they’re promised once they’ve parted with their money?

But it’s not just security issues that cause customers to drop their basket and run for the door. Data from Statista tells us:

  • 56% of customers abandon cart due to unexpected costs, such as delivery charges added on
  • 37% were just browsing or window shopping
  • 25% give up on their purchase due to complicated website navigation
  • 21% don’t buy because the checkout process takes too long
  • 17% had security concerns

Here are five ways to instil trust create a hassle-free checkout process, to reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment.

‘Green Padlock’ SSL Certification

When you’re shopping online, seeing ‘not secure’ in your browser bar is quickly going to put you off entering any of your personal details, especially your financial details.

Nobody is going to feel good about typing their credit or debit card number into a site that isn’t verified and secure. That’s why it’s so important to have SSL certification. Even if your payment process is secure, a non-secured site is more likely to cause doubts, rather than encourage trust.

That’s why all Shopblocks sites have SSL certification as standard. The green padlock in the browser bar is a basic building block of trust between your brand and your customers. It demonstrates to shoppers that no matter what personal information they enter, it’s safe and secure with you. That applies whether they’re making a purchase with their credit card or simply signing up to your email newsletter.

Display Trust Icons

Shoppers want to feel safe whether they’re making a massive purchase or just browsing. Displaying trust seals on your website provide the security information that they need to enter their personal information and click ‘buy’. That’s why it makes sense to display a range of trust seals throughout the checkout process. These include:

  • SSL certification: In addition to the green padlock in the search bar you may be able to embed a security certificate into your website. Several studies have shown that this can be a hugely effective way to increase conversions.
  • Ratings and reviews: Got a great rating on TrustPilot? TripAdvisor? Google Reviews? Don’t leave your customers finding them up to chance. Displaying them on your website shows new shoppers that you’re a trusted brand.
  • Verified payment icons: Credit card logos and embedded icons for alternative payments such as PayPal guarantee secure transactions and payment protection. Easily add these to your Shopblocks site in BlockLab.
  • Partnerships: Is your company partnered with a well-known, trusted brand? Show it off on your website, if appropriate.

Be Transparent with Delivery Costs

Are more and more of your customers abandoning their cart? It could be because the total is higher than they expected once they get to the checkout. Delivery costs that don’t appear until the last moment are actually one of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment.

So, don’t get caught out! Make sure that you’re being as transparent as possible with delivery charges. You can display them on your home page, on product pages, or even have an entire page on your site dedicated to telling your customers more about delivery options. If you can offer free delivery, that’s even better!

Provide Key Return Information

What’s your return policy? If customers aren’t sure whether or not they’re going to be able to return an item that isn’t suitable, then this could be putting them off finalising their purchase. Shopping online carries additional risks for customers because they can’t see the item in person before making the decision to buy. So, it’s essential that they are sure of a hassle-free return process if for any reason they change their mind once their parcel arrives.

Of course, you want to keep returns to a minimum. But they are going to happen at some point. Provide key return information on your website to offer assurance to your customers that they can get their money back if they’re not satisfied for any reason.


Provide a Guest Checkout Option

Forcing your customers to create an account before they can buy isn’t a great idea. That’s because it makes them feel like the entire buying process is taking longer than necessary. After all, there’s no need to create an account when shopping on the high street or your local supermarket, so why shouldn’t it be the same when you shop online?

Instead, give your customers the option to create a guest account that only requires key information for purchasing and shipping. Afterwards, you can offer to save the information entered for more convenient future shopping.

Have you successfully reduced cart abandonment in your online shop? Share your top tips with us in the comments below. 



5 Nov 2018

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