ePages is an ecommerce provider headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. And if you’re an existing customer looking for an alternative, or someone considering signing up to ePages or an alternative provider, you’re in the right place.

Shopblocks is a flexible, full featured alternative to ePages right here in the UK. Here’s what sets us apart from ePages and makes us a great option for hosting your online shop:


Flexible Design without Templates

Whether your online shop sells a handful of products each month or processes thousands of orders, you’ll want an online shop design that stands out and makes your store as unique as you are. BlockLab is our innovative shop builder that sets your store free from both the constraints of templates and from the need to have design and development resource on tap.

ePages, like so many ecommerce platforms, is template based. This brings all sorts of design limitations into play and means you risk ending up with an online shop that looks way too similar to that of way too many other sites.



With three flexible pricing plans, we offer great value for money. But what sets us apart from ePages, is the fact that our entry level pricing option is free. Yes, free.

So if you’re not yet in a position where you’re making a great number of sales and you’d rather not commit to a monthly fee, you can minimise your risk and keep your costs minimal while you get things up and running properly.

This is in contrast to ePages, which currently charges a minimum £15 per month.


Built and Headquartered in the UK

Shopblocks was designed and built in the United Kingdom and we remain there today. Our customer support is UK based too.


Product Exports

If you’re already an ePages customer, you’ll find that you can’t export all of your product data (including images and similar). This makes it more difficult to leave the platform. In contrast, you can export your data easily from Shopblocks for whatever reason you need it.


Put us to the Test as an ePages Alternative

Put us to the test as a great alternative to ePages, with more flexible design options, more control of your data and minimal risk pricing options for newer businesses.

You can simply sign up for a free trial right here. Alternatively, if you’d like one of our team to walk you through the platform and show you what it can do, we’d be happy to provide a demo and answer any questions. Simply book an appointment to suit you.



12 Feb 2018

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