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Mobile users have long outnumbered those browsing on desktops and laptops, but finally, online stores are seeing an increase in mobile purchases.

Recently, Ireland-based research firm Wolfgang Digital reported that year-over-year mobile sales grew by more than 20% over twelve months ending June 2018. And, mobile traffic is outranking visits from desktops, laptops and tablets combined.

That’s why it’s so essential to focus on ways to turn your shop’s mobile visitors into customers. There are plenty of ways to encourage better mobile sales conversions. In this post, we’ll touch on seven of them.


Load within three seconds

Website speed is a huge issue. Last year, reports from Google showed that the average load speed for a mobile site is around fifteen seconds – that’s definitely not good. In 2016, research conducted by Google found that 53% of mobile visitors will leave a website if it hasn’t loaded within three seconds.

Keep loading speed to a minimum by focusing more on what matters – simple and informative content, rather than flashy graphics and lengthy scripts.

Testing your website’s load speed should be a regular task. Run regular mobile speed tests; don’t rely on desktop tests since they will usually always produce faster results.


Make it easier to navigate

When it comes to figuring out where to go, the average shopper has very little patience. Mobile websites with successful conversion rates all have one thing in common: an easy-to-use navigation system. There should be an obvious way to get to everything – the catalogue of products, the shopping cart, the checkout, and contacting customer service, for example.

Otherwise, your visitor is unlikely to waste their time looking. A search bar placed above the scroll line allows your customer to search for specific items with ease.


Use clear Calls to Action

Add to cart, buy now, sign up and any other key conversion buttons should be clear and apparent. Position your ‘buy’ or ‘add to basket’ buttons so that they load above the scroll line, or immediately after if your product image fills the entire screen.

Certain buttons should be visible no matter where your visitor is on the site. Cart and checkout buttons should be easy to find at every stage.


Tweak the Design

An appealing website design encourages more visitors to stay and shop. A sleek, simple design can be both attractive and engaging. Don’t put off fixing design elements or colour schemes. A mobile site that looks and feels modern and appealing is always more likely to convert than one that doesn’t.


Get rid of Jargon

Don’t confuse your customers with too much jargon. Get straight to the point; describe products using simple words and graphics.

Keep your content easy to read. Include all the key information and eliminate anything that isn’t necessary. Keep the checkout process simple. Your customers should be able to reach the checkout area in a single tap. Keep it simple and avoid adding any unnecessary steps. Request only the information that you need to complete the sale.

By all means, offer customers the option to create an account afterwards, but don’t make it a requirement for buying. Too many steps to get to the checkout is one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment.


Encourage Customer Trust

Display trust symbols on every page. Your mobile site with Shopblocks will have an SSL certificate as standard, assuring customers that any personal information they enter is safe. Genuine testimonials and reviews from existing customers can encourage new visitors to place trust in your brand. And, be transparent with your return and exchange policies, making them easy for customers to find and read.



2 Nov 2018

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