Supercharge your subscriptions.

Use our Subscriptions plugin to sell monthly boxes, meal kits, repeat orders, or any other subscription model on a platform built to drive revenue.


Grow your subscription business.

Maximise sales opportunities, boost conversions and increase retention.

Enhanced customer experience.

Simple subscription or complex checkout, it’s all in the bag.

Create friends for life.

Increase lifetime value and customer retention through tactical incentives.

Effortless operations.

Make life easy with all the tools you need to run slick subscriptions.


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Total billing flexibility.

 Give customers the power to edit, pause, skip, change, and manage their subscription as well as change their payment method and delivery dates.

 Choose whether to bill all your customers on the same day, or on the anniversary of the day each customer signed up.

 Bill customers in whichever currency they choose, unlocking the door to international sales.


Dynamic subscriptions.

Let customers check out with both one-time and subscription-based products in the same cart.

Increase conversions by offering discounts for subscribing, or boost retention by discounting future recurring orders.

Automatically update shipping rates as customers swap, add, or remove products so you’re never left owing.


The most flexible package around.

 Let customers subscribe to one product, or their entire cart.

 Set your subscriptions to automatically switch to a different product of your choosing after the first order is complete.

 Offer discounts when customers prepay for their subscriptions or buy them as gifts, generating guaranteed revenue.


Say yes to revenue and no to admin.

 Automatically forecast how much inventory you’ll need to fulfill future subscription orders.

 Send customers automated email updates about changes to their subscription.

 Use real-time analytics and reporting to understand every aspect of your subscription business.


Look the business.

 Tailor the design and styling to match your branding and needs.

 Place your “buy button” anywhere you want: your blog, an email, a tweet, a YouTube video description, or even an ad, sending customers directly to your checkout.

 Offer flexible subscription boxes, allowing customers to choose exactly what’s sent to them in every shipment. Great for meal delivery services and box-of-the-month clubs.



All ecommerce plans include everything you need to launch an online shop on your own domain name.  Make sales and accept card payments as early as today.

Speak to one of our experts to find your perfect ecommerce solution or book a 15-minute demo to see Shopblocks in action.


Great value for growing businesses


Shopblocks Plus Eagle

All the benefits of Pro with extra integration options


per month

  • Low transaction fees
  • Everything from Pro, plus...
  • Premium integration options
  • Multiple admin users
  • Multi-lingual support


Shopblocks Orbit Eagle

Soar like an eagle in outer space with multi-channel integration


per month

  • Low transaction fees
  • Multi-channel integration
  • eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more
  • Advanced set up & migration
  • Priority support

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