Receipt Label Printing

Receipt Label Printing


What works best with Shopblocks?

Shopblocks paper-based outputs such as invoices, shipping labels, receipts and order tickets can be printed on almost any printer connected to your computer. 

For printing receipts and labels we recommend DYMO printers when working in normal office environments for the following reasons:

  • Thermal printing - nevers run out of ink
  • Print on receipt paper or sticky labels
  • Fast, quiet operation
  • Developer-friendly - enables Shopblocks to communicate with the printer directly

For extreme environments such as hot, steamy kitchens, other printing solutions are more effective such as the Star Micronics SP700 which uses ink instead of thermal printing and is more durable where heat and humidity can adversely effect thermal print.

In terms of specific printer recommendations, you must consider the needs of your own business. A few recommendations follow, but these may not meet your requirements for paper/label size, speed and wired/wireless access. Please check carefully before purchase.

Other printer manufacturers may work just as well as DYMO printers but following are a few devices we have tested that can take advantage of full Shopblocks integration.

Connecting a printer

Plugging a printer into a computer or tablet with a wire is the most reliable way to communicate with a printer. Otherwise speak to your IT contact about special circumstances such as networking, print servers, wireless printing and other ways of setting up your hardware