Shopblocks is a hosted website platform that provides everything a business needs to succeed online.






Design & BlockLab

No code

Quickly update the design of your site without writing code via our unique BlockLab tool

Change when you need it

Restyle your site at any time without being restricted by rigid themes and templates


Roll back your design to previous versions in a click


Manage your company logo, brand colours, fonts and other styles via BlockLab’s intuitive Branding area

Content where you want it

Add text, images, products, videos and other content easily to any page

Responsive design

Everything is automatically made ‘responsive’ to work correctly on mobile, tablet and desktop

Device specific content

Optionally restrict specific pieces of content to mobile, tablet or desktop

Advanced design

Optionally add custom HTML and CSS to your pages 


Payment Methods

Credit & Debit Cards

Accept credit and debit cards via Stripe, SagePay, WorldPay and over 90 other providers


Accept PayPal payments 


Accept Bitcoin payments via Coinbase and other providers

No merchant accounts

Start accepting card payments today without setting up a separate merchant account or speaking to your bank




Unlimited products

Add unlimited products to your shop on our Pro, Plus, and Orbit ecommerce plans

Unlimited product images

Upload unlimited images to your products

Product weights

Track the weight of products for use in delivery cost calculations

Master your inventory

Add your own SKUs, MPNs, barcodes and other details to track your inventory

Unlimited options

Configure your products with unlimited ‘options’ such as Colour, Size or any other variable your products need

Customisable products

Add ‘customisable’ products where customers can supply personalised information during the order process

Custom colour swatches

Create custom colour swatches for your products’ colour options to enable customers to clearly see colour options

Link images to options

Link specific images to specific product options for a better customer experience

Product scheduling

Schedule products to go live at specific dates and times

Product add-ons

Improve average order values by creating ‘product add-ons’ to cross-sell/up-sell related products in a customer-friendly way

Pricing display

Show prices with or without VAT, or both. Show RRP, sale prices, and customer savings.

Tax Rates

Add standard VAT, reduced rate or zero rated products




Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited categories with unlimited levels in your hierarchy

Category Images

Have your categories stand out with  easy to add category images

Category visibility

Show and hide categories to individual or groups of logged in customers

Custom ordering

Have your products appear in the exact order you want them



Product Search

Elastic Search

Powered by Elastic Search which provides all Shopblocks merchants with “Google quality” search


Search handles mis-spellings gracefully

Quick results

Fast loading speed even for complex, filtered searches across huge product databases

Easy filters

Customers can filter products by brand, category, option and price




Discount codes

Easily add discount codes to reduce order totals by a fixed-price or percentage

Time sensitive

Offer limited time discounts by restricting codes to a specific date range

Limit uses

Reward quick action from customers with limited number discounts and offers

Full control

Keep certain discounts to specific products, brands, categories and many other criteria

Quantity based

Offer better rates for bulk purchasing with customisable quantity bands

Loyalty scheme

Reward returning shoppers with a customisable loyalty points scheme they can spend with you

Customer discounts

Specify specific discounts on a per customer basis

Customer groups

Create tiered product prices that apply to specific groups of customers




Unlimited options

Set up unlimited delivery options to cater for any shipping situation

Variable tariffs

Create variable rate delivery tariffs based on order weight

Delivery rules

Use rules to set delivery options to specific products, brands, categories, locations and more


Customers only see the delivery options they qualify for

Offer free shipping

Free for everyone or over a certain value - make use of the most powerful message in ecommerce

Click and collect

Allow local customers to click and collect from your premesis

Delivery radius

Set a radius from your business for a distance based drop off service


Integrate third party shipping managers like ShipStation and Royal Mail Click & Drop

Time Slots

Create time slots for customers to choose when to receive or collect their order.




Order Management

Manual orders

Manage website orders as well as manually-created in-person or telephone orders with the Shopblocks admin system

Take payments

Take payments online, in-person and over the phone by debit and credit card

Order tracking

Dispatch orders with courier tracking code

Barcode labels

Use barcodes to quickly scan packing slips and find orders

Order notes

Add notes that are private or visible to your customers

Custom discounts

Add custom discounts to orders at any time

Quick custom products

Quickly create and add one-off custom products to orders without leaving the screen




Stock Control

Track sales

Track stock on products sold

Bulk update

Update stock and prices via CSV import


Control whether customers can buy out-of-stock products





Flexible reporting

Generate reports across specific date ranges with filter options

Report on what matters

Create income, payment or stock based reports





Event notification control 

Control which events (e.g. New Order, Order Dispatched etc.) send emails to you and your customers

Carbon copying

Send notification emails to third-parties such as drop-shipping partners




Pages & Blog Posts

Unlimited content 

Create unlimited blog posts on all our plans, and enjoy unlimited content pages on Max, Pro, Plus, & Orbit

Control every page 

Customise the design of every individual page in BlockLab

Search ready 

Easily optimise pages with unique meta titles and description tags





Unlimited users

Add unlimited users to access the Shopblocks control panel to manage the shop




Tax Rates

Multiple tax rates

Set up multiple tax rates and choose which products/categories apply to each tax rate


Navigation Menus

Unlimited menus

Create unlimited menus with sub-menus and drop-downs as necessary

Reorder menu items

Rearrange and re-order menu items with click and drag

Device control

Hide certain menu items on your mobile website, or show a different one entirely

Menus anywhere

Add menus to any page via BlockLab




Currency changer

Allow customers to display prices in a currency of their choice

Exchange rates

Exchange rates updated hourly via the European Central Bank





Google Translate

Instantly translate your entire website by adding Google Translate

Third party translations

Optionally add third-party translation tools to your site like Localize or Weglot




Search Engine Optimisation

Page titles & descriptions

Manage the page titles and meta descriptions of all pages without altering product names

Customise URLs

Customise and optimise the URL of any page on your site, including product and category pages





Google Analytics

Rapid integration with Google Analytics with full ecommerce tracking included

Easy add tracking

Add your own third-party tracking systems to your site or specific events and Thank You pages





PIN protect

Lock down your shop, allowing only authorised users to view. Useful during the set up phase, or for private/exclusive stores