Introducing BlockLab.

Introducing BlockLab.


This is online shop design.  Reinvented.

This is online shop design.  Reinvented.

Find out more

Find out more


No templates. No limits.

For the first time in ecommerce history, you can create an 
entirely custom shop design without the need for website
themes and templates, designers or developers.


Dominate your design.

When it comes to your shop design, only you know what’s right for your business.

In BlockLab, you have complete control over your page layouts. Without any coding knowledge or experience, you can make changes, big and small, to your shop website in seconds.

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Shape up your shop.

Effortlessly transform your design to prioritisethe content that matters. BlockLab adapts your content as you work so your website always looks great.


What is BlockLab?

Make it your own-02.png

Make it your own.

Break free from rigid website templates.

Build layouts with blocks-02.png

Build layouts with blocks.

Move and shape your content effortlessly.

Change when you need it-02.png

Change when you need it.

Rearrange your blocks as often
as possible.

No designers or developers-02.png

No designers or developers.

It's so easy, anyone and everyone
can do it.


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