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The products section is one of the most important sections of Shopblocks, it’s where you catalogue all of your products! There are five major parts to the products section of Shopblocks: categories, groups, brands, stock levels, and the main products pages. Each of these is separated by it’s own tab at the top of the main products page.

products index


Search Bar and Filters

products index search bar

The filter section controls the status filters and the search bars. You can select each of the status filters to only show products that currently have that status. For example, select the green Active filter to show all your currently active products. The small search bar is so that you can quickly find a product based on the SKU or barcode, you can even use a barcode scanner to find the product you want. The second search bar is used to for your products by SKU, barcode, name, category, brand, option, or tags.

Products Listing Grid

products index grid


The product listing grid shows all your products currently in Shopblocks. You can click on an individual product to go to it’s edit page, or select multiple products using the checkboxes to perform any bulk edit actions.


products edit name and description

The product add and edit screens are where you will be entering most of the product information and they are both pretty much identical. The page itself is split up into two sections, the main center display and the additional side section.


This is where you can enter the name of your product. This name will be seen by your customer.


Here you can enter a description for your product. You can edit how the text looks inside this field by using the buttons at the top of the box. These changes can be seen in your shop.


images block

You can store your product pictures in the Images box. You can find out more about using the Image Library here.

Pricing Information

pricing information

The Pricing Information box is where you can enter product information such as price, sale price, SKU & barcode, weight, and stock tracking data.


The SKU and Barcode of each product can either be manually typed into these fields or scanned in using a barcode scanner.


A product’s weight can be entered as either grams or kilograms, use the dropdown next to the weight input box to select which unit you wish to use.


To track stock on a product check the Track stock on this product checkbox to show the Stock input box. Here you can enter how many of this item you currently have in stock.

The stock level will be automatically adjusted when a customer purchases or returns a product, you do not have to manually change the stock level.

Serial Numbers

Check the Track serial numbers checkbox if you are going to be recording which item serial numbers have been dispatched and to which customers. This is useful if you are selling restricted items (oxygen tanks for diving, firelighters, power tools, ect) or items that have some form of warranty on them (TVs, laptops, smart phones, ect). If this box is ticked then you will be prompted to enter the serial number when dispatching the product.

Additional Blocks

You can add additional content block for each product that your customers will see on your website.

Product Options

describe this product and it's options

A product option is when you have two or more products that are the same except for one feature.

Let’s say that you want to sell a t-shirt that comes in different three colours (red, green, and blue) and three sizes (small, medium, and large). Instead of making nine different products you can make just one and specify each option.

Once all the product options have been entered they can be each edited individually for things like stock levels, barcodes and price.

Search Engine Listing

search engine listings

You can optimise your search engine listing for each item individually. For best results keep to our search engine optimisation guidelines.


You can set when your product should go live. If you want to publish your product (so that your customers can see it) right away then check Publish Immediately.

visibility publish immediately

If you want to set a date when your product should be published select Schedule for the Future and choose a date and time.

visiibility go live in future

If neither checkbox is selected then the product will be saved and you can carry on editing it whenever you want.

visibility inactive but will save


tax block

Individual products can be set to charge tax or not. The best place to do this is the tax section of Shopblocks, however you ran manually remove the tab from each product here if you need to.


brand block

Select a brand for this product to be within, or create a new one.


tags block

Tags help you and your customers find your products better. Tags are different to categories and brands because they can be whatever you want, and you can give one product many different tags.