This is where you manage all the orders that come into your shop. Here you can edit current orders, view orders that are in progress, import past orders that you created using another system, and add orders manually.

There are three separate parts to the products section of Shopblocks, Home, Add, and Edit.


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Search Bar and Filters

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The filter section controls the status filters and the search bar. You can select each of the status filters to show categories that currently have that status. For example, select the orange Open filter to show all your currently open orders.

The small search bar will quickly take you to an order based on the order number, while the larger search bar will show you all the orders that match whatever you put into the search bar.

Orders Grid

The grid section shows all your orders currently in Shopblocks. You can click on an individual order to go to it’s edit page.

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You can select multiple orders using the checkboxes to perform any bulk edit actions.


When adding a new order you can either do so by using either a new or existing customer.

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If you choose to add an order for a new customer you must create that customer before you can start working on the order.

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Actions Menu

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The actions menu allows you to run certain processes quickly without having to leave the order’s page.

Delivery Information

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Information regarding the delivery of the order is in the first section at the top of the page. Delivery address and billing address can be viewed but are not editable on this page. If you want to make any changes to these addresses you can do so by using the Edit Customer button in the Actions menu. Alternatively you can make your changes in the Customers section.

The delivery method can be set here using the Delivery dropdown. The options for this dropdown come from your delivery methods.

The order status can be set using the Order Status dropdown. You cannot manually change the status of an order to Dispatched, Refunded, or Cancelled (they are set automatically by Shopblocks).

Add a Product

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Products can be added by searching for them in the search bar.

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Custom products can be added by clicking on Add Custom Product, but should only be made in special circumstances as they lack certain features like stock control and logistical information.

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Totals and Payments

All orders have a payment section where you can quickly see the payment and charge history for each order.

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Vouchers can be entered to assign certain discounts to each order. Custom discounts can also be applied to an order.

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If you add a custom discount to an order we suggest that you give a descriptive reason as to why, just in case you can’t remember why later on down the line.

Manual Payments

Every order can have a manual payment added to it. Simply fill out the amount, the date when the payment did or will happen, the method of payment, and any notes to describe why this payment happened.

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Every order can have an unlimited amount of tags attached to it, this can help you organise your shop and find certain orders faster.

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Every action that is performed on an order is recorded in the history section. Past events are not editable, however you can add new notes into the history using the Add Note text box. These custom notes can be made visible to the customer by using the Visible to Customer checkbox.

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