Keep track of your customers contact information and orders all in one place.

This section is split into two pages. The first page is the home page where you can quickly see all of your customers in the grid. The second page is the edit page where you can view each customer in more detail and make any changes you need to.


Customers Grid

customer grid

The grid is where you can see, at a glance, all the customers you currently have written. The name of each customer is listed, along with their location, number of orders, the value of their last order, the value of all of their orders in total, and any associated tags.


customer edit


This is the customer’s title. It can be any string of numbers and letter, with a maximum length of 10 characters.

First Name

The customer’s first name goes here. If a user needs a middle name then put it in here. There is a maximum length of 30 characters.

Last Name

The customer’s last name goes here. There is a maximum length of 30 characters.


This is where the customer’s primary telephone number goes. It can be a mobile or a landline number, and there is a character limit of 30 characters.


The customer’s email address goes here. Email addresses must contain an @ sign and end .com,, or another valid top-level domain.


This table shows the latest orders for this customer. You can click on each order to go to that order’s page and see it in more detail.

customers edit orders


All of the customer’s saved addresses can be viewed here. New addresses can be added, and current addresses can be edited or deleted. Each customer must have at least one address linked to their account. If you make any changes to a customer but are unable to save, make sure that there is at least one address saved.

address modal

Click on Prefill customer name to copy the customer’s name and speed things up a little bit.


Tags can help you find your customers quicker, and help to organise different customer bases you might have.


Some of your customers may have an EU VAT Number which allows them to not pay VAT. If your customer does not supply you with this number then it is safe to assume that they do not have one. If you have any questions about EU VAT Numbers take a look at the advice website for more information.

customers edit vat box

Reset Customer Password

If a customer has forgotten their password and has contact you for help then you can send an email to the user’s email address to reset their password. For more advice on this see our Reset Password article.

sending reset email button