Shopblocks is a hosted ecommerce platform that provides everything a business needs to run an online shop. The key features include:

Design & BlockLab

  • Quickly update the design of your site without writing code via our unique BlockLab tool
  • Restyle your site at any time without being restricted by rigid themes and templates
  • Roll back your design to previous versions
  • Manage your company logo, brand colours, fonts and other styles via BlockLab’s intuitive Branding area
  • Add text, images, products, videos and other content easily to any page
  • Everything in BlockLab is automatically made ‘responsive’ to work correctly on mobile, tablet and desktop computers in an effective way
  • Optionally restrict specific pieces of content to mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Optionally add custom HTML to your pages

Payment Methods

  • Accept credit and debit cards via Stripe, SagePay, WorldPay and many other providers
  • Accept PayPal payments
  • Accept Bitcoin payments via Coinbase and other providers
  • New merchants can start accepting card payments the same day without setting up a separate merchant account or speaking to their bank!


  • Add unlimited products to your shop (Pro customers only; Startup plans limited to 100 products)
  • Upload unlimited images to your products
  • Add your own SKUs, barcodes and other details to track your inventory
  • Track the weight of products for use in delivery cost calculations
  • Add standard VAT, reduced rate or zero rated products
  • Configure your products with unlimited ‘options’ such as Colour, Size or any other variable your products options need
  • Create ‘swatches’ for your your products’ colour options to enable customers to clearly see colour options rather than reading a list of colour names
  • Link specific images to specific product options for a better customer experience
  • Schedule products to go live at specific dates and times
  • Add ‘customisable’ products where customers can supply personalised information during the order process
  • Improve average order values by creating ‘product add-ons’ to cross-sell/up-sell related products in a customer-friendly way
  • Show prices with or without VAT


  • Create unlimited categories with unlimited levels in your hierarchy
  • Add category images

Product Search

  • Shopblocks product search is powered by Elastic Search which provides all Shopblocks merchants with “Google quality” search. Read more about our search here.
  • Search handles mis-spellings gracefully
  • Fast loading speed even for complex, filtered searches across huge product databases
  • Customers can filter products by brand, category, option and price


  • Easily add discount codes to reduce order totals by a fixed-price or percentage
  • Restrict discounts codes to a specific date range
  • Restrict discounts to a limited number of uses
  • Restrict discounts to specific products, brands, categories and many other criteria

Delivery Options

  • Set up unlimited delivery options
  • Create variable rate delivery tariffs based on order weight
  • Restrict delivery options to specific products, brands, categories and many other criteria
  • Provide delivery option

Order Management

  • Manage website orders as well as manually-created in-person or telephone orders with the Shopblocks admin system
  • Take payments online, in-person and over the phone by debit and credit card
  • Use barcodes to quickly scan packing slips and find orders
  • Dispatch orders with courier tracking codes
  • Add notes that are private or visible to your customers
  • Add custom discounts to orders at any time
  • Quickly create one-off custom products and add to an order

Stock Control

  • Track stock on products sold
  • Update stock and prices via CSV import
  • Control whether customers can buy out-of-stock products


  • Generate reports across specific date ranges with filter options
  • Create income, payment or stock based reports


  • Control which events (e.g. New Order, Order Dispatched etc.) send emails to you and your customers
  • Send notification emails to third-parties such as drop-shipping partners

Pages & Blog Posts

  • Create unlimited content pages and blog posts
  • Customise the design of individual pages in BlockLab (such as creating unique landing pages for advertising campaigns)
  • Optimise pages with unique meta titles and description tags


  • Add unlimited users to access the Shopblocks control panel to manage the shop

Tax Rates

  • When necessary, set up multiple tax rates and choose which products/categories apply to each tax rate

Navigation Menus

  • Create unlimited menus with sub-menus and drop-downs as necessary
  • Reorder menu items
  • Hide menu items on your mobile website
  • Add menus to any page via BlockLab


  • Allow customers to display prices in a currency of their choice
  • Exchange rates updated hourly via the European Central Bank


  • Instantly translate your entire website by adding Google Translate
  • Optionally add third-party translation tools such as localizejs.com

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Manage the page titles and meta descriptions of all pages without altering product names
  • Customise the URL of products and other pages


  • Rapid integration with Google Analytics with full ecommerce tracking included
  • Add your own third-party tracking systems


  • Lock down your shop, allowing only authorised users to view. This is useful during the set up phase, or for private/exclusive stores