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16 Sep 2016

Shopblocks CEO Kevin Jones demonstrates Shopblocks

At a Tech North event this month Kevin showed off BlockLab, one of Shopblocks’ killer features. In BlockLab, you can create professional website designs that are unique to your business, without writing code and without being tied down to a rigid pre-designed ‘theme’.

BlockLab is better seen than spoken about, so to rapidly show how flexible BlockLab can be, we created a few quick videos of us playing with BlockLab in the Shopblocks office.

Here are two of those videos…

Amazon’s website in 39 seconds

The following video shows a BlockLab expert creating the Amazon website header in just a few minutes. We sped this up a little to squeeze it into our Tech North demonstration:

Following that, just to get the point home that BlockLab is capable of producing any design, we morphed Amazon into

Amazon to in 31 seconds

It was great to hear so much great feedback about BlockLab from the audience.

Laura IH Bennett@LauraIHBennett


Such a cool demo from @shopblocks at showing how easy it is to build & change your personalised ecommerce site @TechNorthHQ


6:22 PM - Sep 8, 2016

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You can learn more about BlockLab here.

Shopblocks presents at Northern Stars, the judges and all other finalists

Peddler Market, Sheffield, September 2016

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