What's been going on this month at Shopblocks?

October has been a really exciting month for us, with several awesome updates now live. We’ve made updates that allow you to improve your online store from better menu and text editing to easier integration with your physical shop.


As Of October, Online Store owners can:

  • Enjoy majorly improved performance across all product search, category and product pages.

  • Easily add a linked basket icon to your mobile site response menu, in addition to the standard ‘hamburger’ icon.

  • Quickly add your business name to the end of all product Meta Titles.

  • Create product barcodes for your physical shop using BlockLab. You can then easily download barcodes onto an A4 PDF for printing.

  • Easily amend the published date on any archived blog posts.

  • Add products with a price tag higher than £100,000 to your online shop.

  • Add images to mega menus, in addition to an improved usability and user interface when creating your mega menu. A past issue with ‘Product Group’ links has also been fixed.

  • Sort content with the new ‘tabbed content’ option in BlockLab for adding tabs or accordion-style content.

  • Use more options with the dynamic price block in BlockLab.

  • Enjoy easier and more precise text editing thanks to new font up/down size and line height options.

  • Get more relevant results in product search with improved handling of common words.

  • Sell age restricted items in your online store using a free ‘Age Verification’ plugin.

  • Offer a wider range of payment options with ease thanks to improved integration with Klarna.

  • Fix content to your customers’ browser windows that always shows, even when the user scrolls down, thanks to the new ‘sticky’ block in BlockLab.

  • Quickly keep in touch with your customers with the new ‘email’ social block.

  • Remove all margins in between columns with the new ‘no gutters’ option in BlockLab.


Notable Upgrades

Icons – upgrade to Font Awesome 5 across the entire platform.

Switched to Code 128 as the default barcode format for Shopblocks.



30 Oct 2018

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