A Conversation with Jamie Anne

We sat down with Jamie Anne, to discuss how Shopblocks helps her business. If you want to get in shape and take control of your health then Jamie Anne is the one to go to. Jamie Anne earned a degree in Sports psychology and has had an impressive six years of experience in the health fitness industry. She is a recipe creator for PureGym and MuscleFood, a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a DJ. 

Jamie Anne’s professional fitness journey started 6 years ago when she first started working for PureGym in South Manchester. She later decided that she would start her own personal training and nutrition business. 

Originally the nutrition aspect to the business wasn’t her main focus and was something she did as a side gig. However, she managed to gain quite a few clients that she was providing recipes and meal plans for. Jamie Anne says that she ‘doesn’t have enough time to do it all’. 

Jamie Anne’s day to day activity is filled with personal training sessions but she hopes to shift the focus of her business over to the recipe creation side of things and building up her social media presence. ‘This is why the website is essential’, she says.

When asked about the switch to Shopblocks Jamie Anne admits that ‘I was nervous at first but the process was so easy, they helped me change it over straight away’. One of her reasons for moving from her previous website provider, WooCommerce was because the communication levels weren’t the best. In her own words, she said ‘I never got a good response from them’. Jamie Anne went on to discuss her feelings about the Shopblocks team she worked with and said ‘They were fab, they are a good team. It was easy to contact Shopblocks’. 

She expressed that what she loves most about Shopblocks is: ‘I can change things myself, which is the main thing I didn’t like about my previous website provider'.

The Jamie Anne Nutrition and Fitness business has a bright future ahead of it and Shopblocks is happy to help be a part of that.

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10 Jul 2019

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