A Conversation with Jimbag

Jimbag is a company that provides stylish bags that have just the right mix of everyday fashion and fitness. They are especially proud of the fact that their bags can be worn to the gym and then also worn doing day to day activities. They aim to make fitness fashionable and functional.

Jimbag CEO, Anthony Bingham has had a long history of fitness and sport including actually playing semi-proffessional and proffessional. Not only that but he has managed to build up an impressive clientele during his time being a personal trainer in the Manchester area. 

The Jimbag company started six years ago. For the first three years Jimbag was a hobby whilst Anthony did personal training and played Rugby. In early 2018, Jimbag went on sale in Selfridges London. It was then Anthony says he, 'decided to go full time on the business' which was 'the best descision' he has ever made.

The next 12 months at Jimbag will be exciting as they have acquired new investment. Growing globally and making new products is the goal for Jimbag along with taking the business from being split between business to business and business to customer, to more business to customer focused. 

A while ago Anthony Bingham decided he wanted to switch from using his old platform WooCommerce. It wasn't working for his business and so he searched for an alternative.He came across Shopblocks and switched over to our platform. He explained that his main problems with WooCommerce were that 'it was quite rigid and it was hard to make changes'.

When asked about the switch-over to Shopblocks he told us that the first thing he noticed was that it was 'easy to use' and 'the staff are always quick to fix any problems with the site'. He noted that 'Shopblocks took responsibility for everything, they took care of all the spreadsheets and the migration'. Anthony also praises the Shopblocks support team for being 'very responsive to any problems' and their adaptability. He expresses how we make him feel at ease by mentioning that were on 'first name terms'. 

We can't wait to see how Jimbag's story evolves in the future and we are happy that Shopblocks can be apart of the process.

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1 Jul 2019

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