The question anyone launching a new online shop will inevitably ask:

How long will it take to build my ecommerce website?

Our answer? 30 minutes. 

You can design, build and launch a standard ecommerce website with Shopblocks in as little as half an hour. Some of us take longer than that over lunch or a coffee!

Let us explain a little more.


Launching ecommerce sites needn’t take forever

If you’re using a hosted solution like Shopblocks, the whole point is that you should be able to launch quickly. So we’ve designed our platform with that in mind. If you have a handful of products and a basic idea on what you want to your ecommerce site to look like, then we see no reason why getting live would take you any more than half an hour using our innovative BlockLab shop designer.

If you have hundreds or thousands of products, then of course you’re going to need to spend time inputting them and uploading images and so forth. But we believe a standard online shop should be one you can get launched in the same day.


So why is my provider telling me it’s going to take months?

If you’re currently grappling with an ecommerce build that seems to be taking forever, then we feel your pain. It’s one of the many frustrations that inspired us to create Shopblocks.

There are some reasons ecommerce design and development would run into months and this is often the case where you’ve opted for a bespoke platform build or a build on an overly complex system.

We get it – there are cases where you’d need a bespoke build. And if you’re running a huge enterprise operation, High Street Chain website or multinational retail site with hundreds of thousands of transactions, then there’s quite a job to be done.

But for a huge proportion of retailers, an online shop should be quick and simple to launch, particularly when you’re not selling thousands upon thousands of products.


Shop design made quick and easy

It’s not just about launching fast. Web design trends move fast. And it might only take a year or two before your site looks like it needs a bit of a refresh. With Blocklab, it’s quick and simple to make design changes and you don’t need a developer involved at all.

So, do you fancy launching your online shop today? Start your free trial.



21 Sep 2017

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