BigCommerce is an established ecommerce platform with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. At Shopblocks, we offer a superb alternative to BigCommerce right here in the UK and here’s why:


Shopblocks and BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce prices its packages in US dollars, so the actual cost to a UK business will typically vary based on exchange rates. Their prices start at $29.95 for the entry level package. At the time of writing, that’s around £22 per month.

At Shopblocks, our pricing is in £ and we have a free entry level offering. So our pricing is certainly more competitive than that of BigCommerce.


Advanced Search and Product Filtering

With BigCommerce, its most advanced search and filtering features are only available to those on Enterprise accounts. We make all of our advanced search and filtering available to all of our ecommerce customers, regardless of which package they are on.


BigCommerce Templates vs BlockLab

BigCommerce is a template led system. The problem with templates for an ecommerce website? Well, the use of templates sacrifices your personal branding. Imagine a potential customer arriving at your site and finding that it looks just like hundreds of other sites they’ve seen selling completely different products. The use of templates makes it incredibly difficult to create a memorable website and makes it almost impossible to create a site that perfectly reflects your brand.

This is why we invented BlockLab. This innovative new tool allows you to create a completely custom shop design without a designer, developer, theme or a template. You have complete control over how your shop looks.



We’re UK based and therefore all of our customer support is also right here in the UK. So you can contact us during UK office hours and you won’t need to contact an office in the USA to get help with your online shop.


No Email Address Required for a Free Trial

You don’t even need an email address to start a free trial with Shopblocks, so what are you waiting for? Get started now.


Prefer a Demo?

If you’d like to see a demo of Shopblocks in action and have the opportunity to ask our team any questions, book your appointment now.



23 Dec 2017

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