If you are looking for an alternative to ekmPowershop then you’re in the right place.

Shopblocks is a fully-featured commerce platform that provides a modern alternative to older platforms. And you can transfer your data from EKM Powershop quickly and easily.

As opposed to being based around rigid themes and templates, which is common in older platforms such as EKM Powershop, Shopblocks sets you free to change your website look and feel easily through our innovative BlockLab tool. Say goodbye to rigid themes and tricky-to-customise templates. Without the need for a designer or developer, you can create your online shop the way you want it.

Shopblocks provides a number of significant benefits over EKM Powershop, such as:

  • Free, anonymous trial – you can try Shopblocks without providing your email address or credit card. We’re so confident Shopblocks is the easiest and most powerful ecommerce platform so we don’t force you to provide sensitive information just to have a look around.
  • Flexible templates – you don’t need to pay Shopblocks or a third party developer to customise your shop’s design. Every Shopblocks customer has full access to BlockLab, which is a much easier and more intuitive way of changing your shop design.
  • Easy payment processing – with Shopblocks you can take advantage of the amazing customer experience of Stripe, the debit/credit card processing tool included with Shopblocks. Your customers will find shopping with you much easier than with other platforms.
  • Offline orders – want to use Shopblocks for cash orders and taking in-person card payments or orders over the telephone? Other platforms such as EKM Powershop are designed for online orders only, whereas Shopblocks provides the tools you need to sell your products anywhere.

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17 May 2016

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