Shopblocks is a hosted ecommerce platform. If you want to run an online shop it gives you everything you need.

Shopblocks is designed and built in Manchester, UK.

The History of Shopblocks

2011 – 2013

The Shopblocks story begins in 2011. We were one part of a large team of digital marketing professionals. We had spent years designing and developing hundreds of websites for businesses large and small, in the UK and around the world. We launched online shops using every technology, every ecommerce platform and employing every tool available. But we disliked them all.

The biggest struggle for us, and our clients, was change. Launching a website is one thing, but keeping it up to date and making regular improvements is expensive and time-consuming. Online businesses that can’t change and adapt become out of date very quickly.

We searched the world for an ecommerce platform that satisfied our requirements, but we didn’t find it. The other platforms were too slow, rigid and clunky. They claimed to be easy to use, but they’re not. They claimed to be mobile friendly. They weren’t. They claimed to be easily customisable. Not at all.

We believed there must be a better way. We wanted a system that was fast, user-friendly and easily adapted to the real needs of running a real online business. So in 2011 we started work on Shopblocks.

Originally known as Miribase (and our company still bears this name today), Shopblocks would take almost five years to take form. Over those years we launched many websites on the early versions of our new technology. We reinvented the platform over and over, taking what we had learnt and applying it to the next version.

2014 – 2015

Our mission was to create a platform so simple and intuitive it would allow anyone to design, build and launch their own online shop. Our experience told us that a business required a unique website reflecting its own personality. It must be custom designed; to stand out from the crowd; to be authentic and real. The biggest challenge we faced was helping our customers achieve this without the usual time, costs and resources involved. In 2014 we invented BlockLab, a tool to change websites more easily than editing a Microsoft Word document. BlockLab eliminates the need for expensive designers and developers to get involved every time a change is needed. BlockLab enables everyone to be involved in website changes, not just technical experts.


In April 2016, Shopblocks was officially launched as a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecommerce platform.

The Future

We are entrepreneurs and nothing excites us more than seeing a new business take shape. We aim to give other new and small businesses the best platform for success.

Today, Shopblocks is the only hosted ecommerce platform offering its fully-featured product to new and small businesses with no monthly subscription. We are committed to helping online businesses get started and succeed and we will continue to evolve Shopblocks in every way we can to take us closer to our goal.